Friday, January 17, 2014




Respect, caring for another,
be there always for them in need.
Friendship is a bond of hearts
that is so hard to take apart!

It does not matter the color of the skin,
we all have same color of blood.
Friendship keeps us glued together
No mater the place of someone's birth.

Friendship, that holds people together
Like an invisible thread-brotherly bond.
Friendship like roses so delicate, beautiful
That only in summer wonderfully bloom.

Friendship is a warmth of the hearts
Showing  kindness and care...
Friendship is a gift of self to another
That often stays for life if we truly care.

January 17 - 2014
By Zuzanna Musial

Written especially for you Dear Suely,

Thank you for your friendship dearest Friend.
I cherish you more then you know.
Thank you for being there, and have a lovely day!