Saturday, May 26, 2012

ADAGIO - Autumn Leaves - Dimitrios Kyriakopoulos Live in Edmonton, Canada

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Relaxing Music With Nature - Ajohn13

Song Title: ♫Relaxing Music With Nature - Ajohn13♫
2012©Copyright musical composition Ajohn13
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Thank you Ajohn13 for the privilege to do the Collaboration with you.
I have enjoyed making the video, your music is wonderful!
I hope you will enjoy the video along with the fantastic music
that you have composed...Best wishes always from Zuzanna

An original instrumental consisting of 29 tracks. Used Cubase LE4 to record. My son Steve plays all the keyboards on this song. I play all the guitars and the bass. Not really sure why I chose the title. It truthfully just popped into my head. Sometimes I know I am at a loss for answers, that's for sure. Why things happen or do not happen or how they might occur is a mystery to me. Sometime a delay of seconds make all the difference in the results. It always amazes me.

Special Credits go to Steve for the Keyboard music, thank you Steve!

Thank you for the great Instrumental relaxing music...Zuzanna