Sunday, November 14, 2010


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Cali and Miss Ramouni

She was born premature
with vision defect, blind
a student at university now
beautiful, clever and young

She was saving her money
for a few years till now…
to buy a guiding miniature horse
to walk her safely, to be her guide

Precious little horse so nice
I was touched by seeing them walk
a lovely Ramouni, beautiful and proud
and the horse is an adorable guide.

I’ve seen working dog like a guide
but never saw a working horse for blind
it is such an adorable and precious scene
to see a mini horse guiding Miss Ramouni

November 14 - 2010
Poem by Zuzanna

©2010 Zuzanna Musial

"Blind student saves for three years to buy a guide HORSE
because her strict Muslim parents consider dogs unclean"
- By Daily Mail Reporter


lorilynn said...

wow, this is awesome. never saw anything like this. very cool!!

Zuzanna Musial said...

This is actually in the USA..I read about this in Mail Online the other day and wrote a poem about this.

Thank you so much LL for the lovely comment...hugs, Z:))

C said...

How kind of you to write such a beautiful poem for Miss Ramouni, Zuzanna! :)

I am here listening to your beautiful music again, and reading your beautiful words! :)

It is almost Christmas, and I am here to wish you joy and magic!

With much love,

p.s. that horse is so wonderful, makes me happy to look at it! :)

Zuzanna Musial said...

Dearest Charity,

The story was in a news paper and I have been touched by this. Miss Ramouni determination and her aid, a guiding horse.

Are you ready for Christmas dear Charity?

Wishing you all the blessings for Christmas and for the entire New Year 2011; Can't believe that it is already 2011, the time flies!

PS: I share your views on the little pony, he is adorable. I would love to have one like that at home too...:))