Thursday, October 21, 2010



I found him with a broken wing
he laid down on the cold ground
located under a huge Oak tree,
shivering, and with eyes closed
he almost did not breathe; I worried
seeing him in distress, was he dying?

Took him home and placed
in a little basket, covered him
with my love, in a few days
fed him water, as he was not able to eat
finally; he opened his eyes looking at me.

I was ecstatic seen him alive
thought of him with love;
my lovely bird survived the ordeal-
was not sure, what happened to him?
And will never know, wished he could speak
however birds just love to chirp.

He is my sweet little bird that sings,
him, sings joyfully for me, I love him,
do believe, that my love conquered his death,
Love, only love can conquer everything
now I sing a song with joy, my heart is happy again
a sweet little bird, oh, how I love you, my dear!

October 21 – 2010
By Zuzanna Musial

© Zuzanna Musial (All rights reserved)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Special Dedication to Marina

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Dear Marina, we would like you to know
How much your friendship means
To those who came to know you?

We love you ~ and your furry friends
They are friendly, obedient and playful
We adore watching them run free together.

Pepsi is so cute and funny, she is a smaller dog
She is trying to learn more from your training
Helios ~ he is a big boy,
It’s a pleasure to watch him play.

Both of them make a great company
Which you cannot easily replace
Those are beautiful and a true friends!

And a Xymba ~ may he R.I.P in Dog’s Heaven!

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more
than you love yourself." ~Josh Billings

October 10 – 2010
By Zuzanna Musial