Thursday, September 23, 2010


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For You My Lovely Friends
~ Bindi & Ghost ~

Two Beautiful Hearts

He loved her dearly
But she was not sure. . .
If his love for her was true
She hesitates to believe, but. . .

She waited and waited to see
If time will show his true heart
At the time she did not know yet…
That his love for her was true and strong

And then One day they met
He told her how much she means to him
She did not know what to say
However, 'Ghosts' love for Bindi remained strong

“I Love You Bindi,” he whispered
With a trembling voice, then he kissed her
I will always Love you my dear
My heart for you will never change

Their hearts that shine with love
Love for God, World Peace, and people
Love for music and the entire Globe
Love that is beautiful and strong!

September 23 – 2010
By Zuzanna Musial


Ghost and Bindi said...

We sowed the seed of our love, and now we can see our love growed and spread like the branches of a beautiful tree, touching the branches of other beautiful trees…and the leafs have flown in the course of the rivers, and the flowers bloomed and spread other seeds…such is the path of Love, humble but full of dignity…and we thanks God that made us find such a beautiful friendship on you. We are really thankful for this wonderful video, where we can feel all the delicacy of your soul…
Be always happy and peaceful, that’s our sincere wish!

Zuzanna Musial said...

Dear Bindi and Ghost,

You are an INSPIRATION to the World. Yes, with your Love that is so beautiful and true. You are showing us the true heart and not afraid to do so. You yourself are the huge Tree that branches out through out the World and the seeds itself are seeding across the Universe. God is with you and He is blessing your hearts...I am very happy knowing you and thank you for this beautiful comment. May your hearts always flow with LOVE?

The World needs love, and you are being part of that stream.


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