Saturday, May 29, 2010


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I like to say, “I love you,” love you more
every day, any time I see your lovely face
I love you more with each passing moment
I love you lots my dear online friend.

Time, the precious time flows as a river
but you have to stay young and continuous
the journey of life, every day is a new day.
Cherish every passing moment you may.

As time goes by, I do appreciate you more
I like you more with each passing moment
those precious moments will not return ever,
that is why I cherish your friendship forever.

Love you my dear friend, and my thoughts
always with you, although you do not see me
I am with you, your music clings to my heart,
I love your beautiful songs like a painted art.

The music you share with your friends online
shines like a diamond or stars on a night sky
the music emanates love and passion for life
Love for beauty, love for people, and the world around.

Thank you for the music and the love you freely give
thank you for being with us, just know you are loved
We love you my friend for being you, with no pretense
the kind of a friend everyone would love to have.

May - 2010
By Zuzanna Musial

©2010 Zuzanna Musial (All rights reserved)