Thursday, April 29, 2010


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He was visiting a favourite pub
Often thinking of those fine days
When everything was just right
Woman, wine, songs and dance.

Those days went by so fast
Now only thoughts left behind
And a sadness in his brown eyes
Nostalgia, as he thought of those nights.

He said, he loved this pretty woman
He often seen her in his dreams
Sitting there, she looked at him smiled,
Their eyes met in space for a little while.

One day he revisited the famous pub
She was not there, no sweetness around
His broken heart, eyes filled with tears
He sat alone, the world crumbled for him.

Tears in his eyes for loosing a dear heart
Thought, should tell her sooner that he loved her.
Love, that passed him by, with no word, "Goodbye"
He was upset, unhappy, and with broken heart!

April – 2010
By Zuzanna Musial

©2010 Zuzanna Musial(All rights reserved)


No One said...

Beautifully penned Zuzanna. Poetry really touches a place in the heart where words can not be spoken.

Peace and Light

Chris Stonecipher said...

Your words flow so gracefully. If a person read this poem aloud, it would sound like a beautiful song.

Zuzanna Musial said...

Dear Friend, No One

Thank you so much for the graceful words. Blessings of Love & Light


Zuzanna Musial said...

Hello dear friend Chris,

Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Glad you like my words. I was thinking about you have said, that this could be a nice song...Maybe someday someone will turn these words into a song.


Zeenat{Positive Provocations} said...

Dear Zuzanna,
This is such a beautiful poem!
I loved it. You write with such passion.
Much Love,

Kate Smedley said...

The words are very lyrical and full of emotion. Beautiful work Zuzanna.

Zuzanna Musial said...

Dear Zeenat,

You made me smile and happy with your lovely comment!
Thank you dear friend for taking the time to leave your kind words on this write.

Much love to you too,

Zuzanna Musial said...

Dear Katie,

Thank you so much for your lovely comment. You have a good feeling for those words, it could be a lyrics made out of this story. Thank you again for your time to stop here, Much love to you, Zuzanna

Kimberly said...

This is beautifully penned, thank you for sharing.

Peace and Light

Stephen - Rat Race Trap said...

So lovely, as always.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Free flowing versed and beautifully expressed.

Lydia said...

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