Friday, August 14, 2009



I lost my beloved mother
time was sad for my sisters and me
not knowing why this happen so soon
she was gone, cancer and no cure.

We have been lost without her
our life has changed for worse
father was there; he too felt at loss
at his young age, a widower no choice.

I saw my father tears falling down
he cried hard, but seeing man crying
broke my young heart
I was not ready yet into an adult life.

The grieve was huge, helplessly
missed her love, cheer and smile
five kids half-orphans, youngest only two
with no mother around we were blue.

Took long time to let grieve off
still feel my heavy heart in me
grieve of loosing mum was like a striking light
like a rolling thunder on a stormy sky.

The only joy I have ever knowing
that her soul lives in Paradise
many years since she is gone from us
she rejoices with Angels high above.

August – 2009
By Zuzanna Musial

©2009 Zuzanna Musial


Robin Easton said...

Reading this I felt the grief of that young girl who lost her mother, that young girl who had to be responsible way too soon. Reading this I felt in my gut the ache I would have felt if this had happened to me. Even losing my mom now to Alzheimer's sometimes makes me feel this way, but I am older and have better ways to deal with it than you would had as young girl.

All I know is that this poem makes me love you even more because not only was your heart open and beautiful way back then, but today it is that very same open sensitive beautiful heart. I feel so much love for you and deeply admire you for so many things Zuzanna. Your spirit is pure and lovely and I KNOW that your mother is SO proud of you and that she watches over you. I really believe this.

Love always,

Zuzanna Musial said...

Dearest Robin

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. Certainly when I go back to those days, I am able to recall all the events of the loss. It has deeply imprinted in my heart until today. What truly amazes is the fact that some memory never leave from our past. It was perhaps to strong impact on my psyche. Now looking back, I would not want to live again through this. It was horrible experience and the way the Cancer took my Mum was horrifying. She was ill only for short time but the agony was not measurable. Her blood actually turned to water, I have not heard ever of something like that in my entire life. Until today, I have no medical name for this Cancer and that puzzles.

I had to leave college because my father needed my help with my younger siblings. He did cry as I described in a poem. I was so helpless at that very moment, stood there and unable to move.

The poem it is a Challenge poem and it has be written. The theme is 'GRIEVING'-- Generally, do not write about this that much but this time I was compelled to revile truth.

AS you said: ” I KNOW that your mother is SO proud of you and that she watches over you. I really believe this." -- I am 100%; sure, she does watch all of us and cares for us as all my sisters and I were able to accomplish a lot in life. One would never think that having such difficult childhood would not have a negative impact on any of us. It all worked out well. I can only count my blessings. Thank you so much for the review. That poem been submitted to Starlite the poetry site but it is still taking part in the challenge so I have published on my blog first.

Thank you for all the love you share. It is a very sad to know about your Mother that she too has incurable illness. You have my sympathy dealing with this agony as I have a friend that his mum also has this disease. Therefore, I know all about.

Have a great day and thank you once more.

Love always,

Sir John said...

Very nice and moving.
Johnny Ray your friend from blogcatalog

Zuzanna Musial said...

Dear Sir John, thank you so much for your time to stop by and read my words. Thank you for joining my blog. I will read more of yours soon. You are a wonderful blogger. I do admire you, Sir.

With gratitude ~ Zuzanna

IYAN1982 said...

have nice days mrs Zuzan

Zuzanna Musial said...

Dear IYAN1982

Thank you for visiting my blog and the lovely wishes.

Nice meeting you in blogging,

Have a great day too!