Wednesday, August 26, 2009



They say a pandemic is coming,
The powers-that-be want us all
To line up and be vaccinated
When we hear Big Brother’s dread call.

The vaccine is not a solution,
Its mercury base lined in rows
Mixed up like a chowder from Hades –
If it will work, nobody knows.

Let’s pray for the goodness to conquer
The evil controlling this maze.
A vaccine that keeps down the numbers
Is not that surprising these days!

The Media causes a panic –
They’re forcing our kids to get shots.
Refuse and they’ll surely be punished,
“Bad parents” will be drawn in lots.

The brand new world order is coming,
It’s falling down out of the sky.
The darkness will invade our daylight,
So listen – don’t dare close an eye.

The microchip is our new ruler,
Your cell phone’s your non-loving cup.
Authority disregards freedom,
You must be brave and don’t give up.

Don’t fall for the wrong New World Order,
Don’t vote for a word of a lie.
Trust God and His heavenly kingdom
And man’s base new order shall die.

August - 2009

Zuzanna Musial and Kevin Connolly


My Google Images said...

This is by far one of the best poems I have ever read regarding political topics. Thanks Zuzanna!

Peace and Light

Zuzanna Musial said...

Hello Dear Friend, Kim

After the listening to videos what is happening around the world, it has to put in writing. This is one of my first Collaborations with a poet friend. I am glad that at least could do this, to get the message to the public. We have to be open what is happening in the world today. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

Peace, Light & Blessings

Robin Easton said...

Whao!! This is off the charts powerful. Good for you. Your writing here is very punchy and this is such an important topic. It's scary if they were to "make" people have these deadly vaccines. I think I would go bush first. That is why it's so important that we speak out. I am going to pass this poem on as more people need to be aware of this VERY important topic. Gosh, you are amazing in that you not only write about the deepness of Love, but you write so powerfully about a serious topic like this. You are more diverse than I even guessed. I am so proud of you. I just LOVE you dear Zuzanna.

Zuzanna Musial said...

Robin my dearest friend, what has to be done, it must be done!
I was thinking of these issues lots! We people of this Planet are NOT going to take this Order. We must stand up for our rights. Please share the poem with your friends. Make the people aware what is coming. We are NOT to let us pushed like sheep’s anymore... Enough of this TYRANNY...Where is the LIBERTY - FREEDOM? I am sure, the statue of Liberty is crying now. People always had been looking UP to AMERICA…We need America being with Freedom not a tyrant!

Thank you Robin for your comment, it means a lot to me...And YES, I am a diverse if comes to writing...That is what writers are for. They cannot use firearms, but can use pen to fight the wrongdoing.

Thank you so much!
Love ~ Zuzanna

Donald Swarbrick said...

Very clever.

Zuzanna Musial said...

Dear Donald, my friend ~ I appreciate your comment!

Thank you ~ Zuzanna

Nothing Profound said...

Beautifully expressed and so true. People have to stop letting fear lead them around by the nose and start standing up for themselves.

Zuzanna Musial said...

Dear, Nothing Profound ~ Thank you so much for your support and the comment!
It means a lot to me. This is such an important issue for us and for the future of our children. It is TIME to speak up so they can hear our voices. Being afraid is not going to solve the problem.

Thank you again,
Zuzanna Musial

Principe Encantado said...

I am visiting you and I really enjoyed the content of your blog, Vout more times here.
Strong Hugs said...

great blog keep up the good work

Zuzanna Musial said...

Dear, Principe Encantado

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment and the time to visit my blog. I have visited yours too...Thank you.

Big hugs...Zuzanna

Zuzanna Musial said...


Thank you so much for visiting and placing the comment, I appreciate.

Have visited yours as well.
Thank you,

Chris Stonecipher said...

Required immunizations is a scary situation. Many of my friends that have children or other family member that have autism believes with all their heart that their children were just fine until their loved one received the MMR series vaccine. Although this is no direct evidence that the Thimersol or mercury based MMR vaccine is a contributor to autism, there is an article written by one of the Kennedy brothers that supports such a claim. Therefore, having big brother demand our children be vaccined or risk being punished by society as poor parenting is in my opinion wrong. Excellent poetry my friend. Strong issues crafted expertly in this poem.

Zuzanna Musial said...


I have a niece vaccinated and became autistic.-neither the parents nor I we do not know why, she was born, grew normal until the injection of the vaccine. We do not know what could cause the problem but I think every vaccine may cause damage to human.

My younger sister's daughter had a similar problem. She developed bleeding and severe diabetics. Until today she is, alive but no vaccinated at all. Recently she became a mother of twins. The kids are healthy and normal. Both girls are one year old.

If comes to forceful vaccination I totally disagree...Parents should have a choice to decide. This is why my poem is to express the wrong approach to human wellness and almost terrorism as it is happening now across the country.

It is also happening over here but in a smaller scale. What worries me is that elderly people have to sign a form for euthanasia, if they are not able to get better...That is tragic for me…Who has the right to force people to premature dead...?

Thank you again and I pray that this law will not became so rigid, that people should have their say.

Thank you,

Principe Encantado said...

Zuzzana friend Just hit it, so that rather than on my name "Principe Encantado" must use "Mensagens para Nós Dois"
See my blog on the two links of your blogs in this "pages that recommend"
Do not forget to add a translator to facilitate my reading and other readers.
Strong Hugs

Zuzanna Musial said...

Dear Principe Encantado

I have changed that to Zuzanna's Friend. Now I am looking for a decent translator to my Lotus11 blog. It seems the old one was not working so I deleted. Will see if can find a good one.

This time people can click on that link and your page will open.

Big hugs...Zuzanna