Friday, July 31, 2009



Sunny days, starry nights
for those two lovely hearts
they walk along the streets
in love embrace, holding hands.

These two are beautiful people
that they do not see anything more
then to be there for each other
Love is so strong, soft and beautiful.

He loved her dearly as much as he could
Telling her, "My darling" I will be there
Always and forever for you my love
This is what makes him happy and strong.

She whispered to his ear, "I love you too."
Always and forever till death takes us apart
Love is the most beautiful feeling in my heart
Love forever, very powerful feeling of two hearts.

July 31-2009
By Zuzanna Musial

©2009 Zuzanna Musial


Relaxe, said...

oohw.. very sweet :)

Zuzanna Musial said...

Hello, Relaxe

Thank you so much for your lovely comment!!

Nice meeting you on line...Zuzanna

Relaxe, said...

hi.. me name's ranjith.. and the poem is WORTH a comment..

Nice meeting you too :)

Zuzanna Musial said...

Thank you Ranjit, you are a very kind man...Hope, you have a great weekend!!

Good to hear from you...:)