Wednesday, July 8, 2009



To live is to see and feel the beauty
Of the World around, parks, forests
Gardens, flowers, trees, blooms,
Birds, butterflies sparrows, wild gees.

There is a sound of Nature, music, a tune
Vibrations in a hot air, the Planet Earth
Connects like a magnet, pulling toward her
a special bond, a kingship so strong.

When going to the city one can feel
the noise, traffic that distracts, it does.
Harmful to Nature, pollutions, cars,
all of that destroys the harmony of Nature.

Nature plays great role in our well-being.
It creates balance within us. Four Seasons,
in a year, spring awakens to life, then
summer sunny days and peace around.

Autumn brings beautiful colours, red, and yellow
Leaves, those fall from the trees, also flying birds
to warmer locations before winter begins,
only wind-chill cold, snow and less sunshine.

I feel the Nature at peace at winter season
there are no butterflies, no bees around
Just snowflakes covering the ground,
Season of winter is a Nature resting time.

Most of all, no matter where I am, I feel
my very own connection to trees, and
to all, that I see, but the trees always been
an integral part of the surroundings.'

Imagine having no trees, flowers, birds,
Bees, sunny days, or rain, storms, colourful
Rainbows, or a blue sky, this the Nature glory
Inspiration, a reason, she creates her own story.

All of these Nature components' play
an important role in our environment,
With Nature, there is peace, happiness, love,
a connection to Nature it is a blessing to all.

By Zuzanna Musial

©2009 Zuzanna Musial


Robin Easton said...

Dearest Zuzanna, Yes, I feel many things in your poetry. You are PASSIONATELY in love with nature. This I relate to so strongly I can't even tell you how much. And yes, I FEEL in my gut you plea for us humans to awaken and to stop taking Nature for granted, stop desecrating her and ourselves (because when we desecrate Nature we desecrate ourselves. I hear your cry that we awaken and return to a relationship of love and harmony with Nature. We must if we are to survive and the remaining current wildlife around us is to survive, BUT it is even more that than that; we must because it is simply the right thing to do, it is human being at its finest when we are living in grace with Nature.

Wow! You really inspired me my beautiful dear friend. I am moved to tears by your caring. I feel as you do, every single day. I pray we will awaken and remember who and what we really are....we are Nature herself.

I am loving you,

Zuzanna Musial said...

Dear Robin

I am touched to tears with your precious comment. I do share the views of yours and love the Nature with my whole heart. In my own home, I take care of all the stuff that shall be properly disposed and do not pollute the earth. Plastic and other disposable items being thoroughly sort-out and place for recycle. Small things add up with time, this the only way to help. If we do that, this will protect the environment. “A journey of a Thousand steps begins with a one small step”

Thank you so much for your inspiring words. They really encourage writing more, and definitely will. Thank you for your loving and kind heart that shows other how much you care for all living things. “Each small drop will multiply and make an Ocean on a long run”. If only more people thought of the environment as you, do we would have a beautiful World?

Peace & Love