Tuesday, July 7, 2009



She was in the forest collecting dry wood
When from far a way
She heard the tune
The sound was familiar
'Kalinka… Kalinka… Kalinka Maya'
Brought memory from the past
She loved to sing when she was young.

The air was vibrating tickled her face
As the wind blow toward her
In lovely embrace
And the familiar sound of the guitar
Very sweet - was melting her heart.

The sound of the nostalgic music
Pulled her more
Where the song was sang by a solo singer.
It was a good line—guitar in the distance…
besides, I liked his melodies.
She thought to herself
How can I get there sooner to see him?

She was still in deep love with him
And could not shake the thoughts
Of her mind
He was the only Knight
She cared about.
Over many years nothing has changed
She knew she must see him again.

He missed her too but was not sure
Where she was in the last few years
Their lives separate - each went different way
When the Revolution broke down
People went into hiding.
She lost the contact with him.

Then that one day when in the forest
He knew she was looking for him too.
This was the only way she thought
To find him back again.
The time did not matter
Love was so strong
She waited for him all life long.

The time was peaceful again
When they met in their favourite place
The fine tune of his favourite song
Brought them back together-
It was a good line—guitar in the distance…
besides, I liked his melodies
The tune was so beautiful
Very dear to her
Warming the longing heart again
She smiled and cried at the same time
From happiness - finding her man
Dreams came true finally to her that day.

January 31 - 2008
By Zuzanna

© 2008 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)

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