Friday, July 31, 2009



Friendship is a special gift
Not a simple present this is
This one, you not able to find
Under any Christmas, tree…

Gift of friendship unwrapped
You can only find in the heart.
Friends are gifts from Heaven to us
A treasure, that is very hard to find.

Friends are precious to all of us
Gifts like this from a human heart
Love, closeness, happiness and peace
Perhaps a warm embrace a hug or a tease.

Cherish moments with friends forever
Loving memory never fade, because
True friendship never ends, so be there
For them, as I am for you right here today.

July 31-2009
By Zuzanna Musial

©2009 Zuzanna Musial



Sunny days, starry nights
for those two lovely hearts
they walk along the streets
in love embrace, holding hands.

These two are beautiful people
that they do not see anything more
then to be there for each other
Love is so strong, soft and beautiful.

He loved her dearly as much as he could
Telling her, "My darling" I will be there
Always and forever for you my love
This is what makes him happy and strong.

She whispered to his ear, "I love you too."
Always and forever till death takes us apart
Love is the most beautiful feeling in my heart
Love forever, very powerful feeling of two hearts.

July 31-2009
By Zuzanna Musial

©2009 Zuzanna Musial

Friday, July 17, 2009



Do not be afraid to say, "I Love you"
Love is the only way to heal the wounds
Love is the only way to bring peace
Love is the only way to make a difference.

If your heart knows love, you feel happy
You are able to move the Mountains
You feel enlighten, your heart sings with joy
A song you were not able to sing before.

Love is the only way to be happy
Do not be afraid to love, to say, "I love you."
Love is the only feeling for another
Devotion, peace, respect for a brother.

To have a peace we need lots of love
Do not be afraid of this feeling, spread love.
Show love to your friends, brothers, sisters,
Wife, your kids, show the love in your deeds.

We all need love to succeed in life
Life is empty with out of feelings like this
World gets colder and colder each day
Do not be afraid to say-I love you more each day.

July 17-2009
By Zuzanna Musial

©2009 Zuzanna Musial



Today is the day for vacations
Now you are on your way
To the place of your dreams
the green forest with huge trees.

Beautiful trees and the Nature
Green grass, birds and butterflies
Moths, mushrooms, moss and flies
Did you take your camera with you?

The beauty of Nature
Empowers my mind, thinking
of you and your dear wife
both of you will have a great time.

My best wishes to the two of you
have a great time over there
before you know; the time will be up
time to return home to the ordinary stuff.

July 17-2009
By Zuzanna Musial

©2009 Zuzanna Musial

Monday, July 13, 2009

♥♫ Relaxing music -GIOVANNI MARRADI - Garden of dreams and Poeme ♥♫



I have planted a seed
of a sunflower
an early spring this year
watered the soil
on regular basis
So he could graciously grow
the summer passes already
my sunflower was slow.

In the beginning of October
his head hanging down low
I was very sorry for my lovely plant
because for the growth season
was to short
I love those plants a lot!

The Mother Nature won the race
killing my sweet sunflower at her best
I am sad seeing him standing still
in the middle of my garden.

He had no chance to show
the beauty of his blooms
sad I am for my plant
winter is coming soon.

I have admired his struggle
to beat the time and win the race
but it was not meant that way
sad looking plant and me too
feeling sorry for him
I missed the sunny face in bloom.

By Zuzanna

© 2008 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



To live is to see and feel the beauty
Of the World around, parks, forests
Gardens, flowers, trees, blooms,
Birds, butterflies sparrows, wild gees.

There is a sound of Nature, music, a tune
Vibrations in a hot air, the Planet Earth
Connects like a magnet, pulling toward her
a special bond, a kingship so strong.

When going to the city one can feel
the noise, traffic that distracts, it does.
Harmful to Nature, pollutions, cars,
all of that destroys the harmony of Nature.

Nature plays great role in our well-being.
It creates balance within us. Four Seasons,
in a year, spring awakens to life, then
summer sunny days and peace around.

Autumn brings beautiful colours, red, and yellow
Leaves, those fall from the trees, also flying birds
to warmer locations before winter begins,
only wind-chill cold, snow and less sunshine.

I feel the Nature at peace at winter season
there are no butterflies, no bees around
Just snowflakes covering the ground,
Season of winter is a Nature resting time.

Most of all, no matter where I am, I feel
my very own connection to trees, and
to all, that I see, but the trees always been
an integral part of the surroundings.'

Imagine having no trees, flowers, birds,
Bees, sunny days, or rain, storms, colourful
Rainbows, or a blue sky, this the Nature glory
Inspiration, a reason, she creates her own story.

All of these Nature components' play
an important role in our environment,
With Nature, there is peace, happiness, love,
a connection to Nature it is a blessing to all.

By Zuzanna Musial

©2009 Zuzanna Musial

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ARMIK - For Your Eyes - Romantic Guitar



She was in the forest collecting dry wood
When from far a way
She heard the tune
The sound was familiar
'Kalinka… Kalinka… Kalinka Maya'
Brought memory from the past
She loved to sing when she was young.

The air was vibrating tickled her face
As the wind blow toward her
In lovely embrace
And the familiar sound of the guitar
Very sweet - was melting her heart.

The sound of the nostalgic music
Pulled her more
Where the song was sang by a solo singer.
It was a good line—guitar in the distance…
besides, I liked his melodies.
She thought to herself
How can I get there sooner to see him?

She was still in deep love with him
And could not shake the thoughts
Of her mind
He was the only Knight
She cared about.
Over many years nothing has changed
She knew she must see him again.

He missed her too but was not sure
Where she was in the last few years
Their lives separate - each went different way
When the Revolution broke down
People went into hiding.
She lost the contact with him.

Then that one day when in the forest
He knew she was looking for him too.
This was the only way she thought
To find him back again.
The time did not matter
Love was so strong
She waited for him all life long.

The time was peaceful again
When they met in their favourite place
The fine tune of his favourite song
Brought them back together-
It was a good line—guitar in the distance…
besides, I liked his melodies
The tune was so beautiful
Very dear to her
Warming the longing heart again
She smiled and cried at the same time
From happiness - finding her man
Dreams came true finally to her that day.

January 31 - 2008
By Zuzanna

© 2008 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)



You are my admiration
Acceptance, breathless speech
The sound of music
And a song of a bird
Chirping outside my window.

You are the whisper
And wonder of your affection
A muse in a Poet verse
A fascination of the surroundings
A song that has been heard.

You are the respect
Devotion one found for another
A Nature beauty, prestige
Honour and sense of mystery
You are the feelings of compassion
Voice from the depth of my Soul.

You are the puzzle, and idolism
A seal of approval, a marvel
Nod and a sentiment, a dream
A tear of happiness, a song of the heart
Someone very unique and special
You are the Agape of my Soul.

By Zuzanna

© 2008 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nana Mouskouri - Historia de un amor



Love is an ordinary feeling
a simple feeling from the heart
Love is to be there for another
in times of happiness or a sad times.

Love is not dressed in beauty
Often comes in plain clothes
Love is to look in a friend eyes,
Take your time to listen their words.

Love is a simple feeling, no pretence
because love is a smile, a hug or a kiss
this is what love is, simplicity, respect,
For another, does not want to change you.

Love is every day thing, kindness, peace
Tolerance of others, sharing laughter
Therefore, if someone asks what love is.
The only answer, just be there for another.

July 04 – 2009
By Zuzanna Musial

©2009 Zuzanna Musial



For so many years
Have been searching
For a good friends
There are only few left.

Sad this world is
When we are afraid
Of another, and yet
Afraid of making friends~

Life on the Internet
Was never easy, some say,
Take a chance, you may
Find a soul mate, oh yes, yes!

Most likely, not true
That you and me will find
Someone dear, a one heart
That will always cherish you.

July 04 – 2009
By Zuzanna Musial

©2009 Zuzanna Musial

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Julio Iglesias - Baila Morena



Do you love me more then I do?
Shall we keep the score?
Is it something missing here?
Tell me please my dear oh, dear.

Do we need to keep scores in life?
If the music plays the lovely sound,
and smoothly flowing like a river
Rhythm, which been well synchronized.

I have never believed in such thing
As keeping scores in my relationships,
We just did what it suppose to be done
Doing it and having a lot of fun~

Happy those who can understand life,
With out of going overboard…
With keeping scores who did and what
in each day of this precious life~

July 1-2009
By Zuzanna Musial

© 2009 Zuzanna Musial