Saturday, June 13, 2009


For You Lovely Friend

She was a beautiful girl I met her while back
She, a gentle soul and kind...Friendship
Grows slowly, one need to keep in touch.
She was always there for me... I was there
For her when I could… This lovely girl
Of the internet, her name is Kahrul.
She is kind and beautiful inside and out
She smiles at me from the photo
Dressed in a red shirt, beautiful this girl is.
Thank you for being there for me
I send my love and good vibes too
We both share similarity faith, love,
Friendship, kindness, good heart too.
Thank you for your beauty
That you share with those around you,
Many blessings and above all
The best to you…Peace, love, happiness
Those just only few straight from my heart
Best wishes shared today with you.


By Zuzanna Musial

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