Tuesday, June 16, 2009



I have found you among
My souvenirs a treasure,
That carries a torch of light,
Among life journeys-
You are the brightest Star that shines.

The voice which speaks in darkness
Prince with no crown-
You are the lighthouse during a storm,
On an angry Sea-
And anchor to those who sink
When the storms seems unending:

You are the one when I wake up
In the morning I thank you for another day.
You are the one-
That gave me wings to fly.
Talents, desires to play.

You gave a heart which is able to love.
Wisdom-that chooses right from wrong.
You never cease to amaze.
The simplicity of all seasons:
Blossoms, fragrances-above all
Written on the Papyrus in the past
Like a woven tapestry of life.

You do not measure the time,
In seconds, minutes, hours, days.
You are ageless like a timeless clock.
The most treasured souvenirs found.
You are the God of all.

You are the only one which can be trusted
With unconditional love-
Guiding light that shines upon us-
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow-
You are the Alpha and Omega.

The Lord of all - is that enough?
More then enough:
You are my greatest treasure of all,
Eternity and everlasting life:
You are the only light in darkness.
I am nothing without you.

June 5-2007
By Zuzanna

© 2008 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)

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