Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Titanic- Book of Days- Enya



i like the tenderness and warmth of your verse. it helps me sometimes get away from the bile and bitterness of much of my own work. this is the first time in weeks i have been able to access your blog. they keep telling me there is a problem with your website! P>S> the word is "divine." stay with it e-mail

Zuzanna Musial said...

Dear Stephen Tea

My Blogs are new so maybe that is why you had a difficult time to access. I do not know why it would be a problem. However, when they approving the posts and so on it might actually interfere with the comment area, which is my thought.

Thank you for the kind and inspiring comment. Love to write about beauty and kindness in others and beauty in general. That is always inspiring to me...People are great inspirations in my words...

Your writing is great. As every Poet, you have your own style and that what makes your writing unique and special...Thank you for the way of contact...Will keep your email and soon write to keep in touch...Zuzanna