Wednesday, June 10, 2009



Her was misplaced and lost
for many long years
when finally found her
he was trilled and delighted.

Such a priceless treasure,
the literature treasured.
She was old; the pages
were yellow and stained.

She used to be very popular
people enjoyed the content
in her chapters, but one day
She no longer had readers.

She was lying on the shelf lonely
unable to move her fragile body,
Sadness filled her old heart,
because her felt much unwanted.

She called for help but no one heard
she became sad. Tears flowed
from her eyes, as she no longer
looked appealing to anyone~

One day people walking by,
looking at different books,
they rested eyes on her.
One man lifted the book
brought closer to his eyes and said:

"Look!...I was searching
for this book everywhere;
this was my father's best friend,
and love for those past years.

The book wanted to say something
however; she was too weak to speak.
Her pages were falling apart
she began to cry.

As he carried her along the isles,
He noticed moisture on her dirty cover
and could not believe his eyes
as he never seen crying book before.

She cried from happiness
that finally someone
was interested in her
in fact he was a son of the book lover.

September - 2008
By Zuzanna

© 2009 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)

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