Saturday, May 30, 2009



The youngest
Egyptian Pharaoh
No doubt-
The famous one,
Boy Emperor
His tomb was found,
Not touched by anyone.
He was the most powerful one
At his early age-
A son of Amenhooptep the King
His residence in Memphis
Now Cairo-
He was young when the war broke down
The young Emperor suddenly died.
They buried him in the Valley of the Tombs
Some say near Luxor
His tomb was not found for a long time
People believed...
The place of his rest was a sacred one.
These were the story
Of Tutankhamen Pharaoh
The youngest of all rulers
of the Egyptian land.
Fascinating history that still inspires
and draws many tourists
to this Ancient Land.

By Zuzanna
© 2007 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)

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