Tuesday, May 19, 2009



Taking pictures of Nature
it has been always fun
especially when going to
the Rocky Mountains side

The Mountains in Canada
Are very beautiful
And the Wild Life
Roam in the forest too...

Moose or bears, squirrels
And birds are unusual
From what I could observe
And watch them with binoculars

These spectacular views
Are so wonderful for the soul
And eyes, it gives the feeling
Of enjoyment and stress free fun

By Zuzanna Musial

© 2009 Zuzanna Musial


Buddha said...

I just went to Canada for my first time this spring. Indeed the Rocky Mountains are spectacular.
I did not know you were a blogger...
Let me wish you a very warm welcome to our dysfunctional community :)

Zuzanna Musial said...

Dear Buddha

Thank you for the wonderful comment, I have been a blogger since last Saturday.
Very new to the World of Blogging-I do enjoy reading and writing so the Blogs are great source for that! You have been to Rocky Mountains in Alberta.
I love the Mountains immensely they are very beautiful.

Thank you for the wishes, hopefully with time things will improve with the Blogger's Community :)