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I have been always interested
In the world oldest cultures,
one of them - The Mayas Empire.
Origins of the oldest Mayan tribes
Had been lost in darkness of Legends.

The XVI century Indian manuscripts
Have lost all historical remembrance
The primitive Mayan geographic localization,
Located in Yucatan Peninsula,
The information refers that Mayas
In Yucatan, and they called New Empire
The Mayas, who lived in the south of Chiapas?
Guatemala and Honduras,
whose civilization extinguished-

Some centuries before
the peninsular cities The Mayas lived
on the Atlantic shore of Mexico,
An old Mayan the Huasteco
Was left On the extreme
North of Mexico, so called
The Veracruz-Tamaulipas kidney.

The people have had displaced some groups
Mayans in the beginning of their historical times
They lived in a Palenque triangle in Chiapas;
Uaxactun, Guatemala, Copan in Honduras
Thus being difficult to access to jungle
and the rivers to be crossed...
Outside the monuments Mayas have left
First historical, none mythical dates, we known
The Baktun Octavo, being very numerous on ninth
To decay and almost sculpturally disappeared on
Baktun once the Mayan and Christian calendars
Had been correlated, numerous dates inscribed
On wakes, lintels, steps, temples haven deciphered.
by the III Century-The Mayas
living in Veracruz
Tabasco begun to move in direction of Petén,
The Mayan Archaeological city oldest engraved date
Uaxactun, on the Guatemalan Petén,
With the 9th wake dated of the year 328,
Those nearby Pyramids, perhaps Palenque,
Copan or Tikal had much older dates,
But were probably worked on stucco, painted
Or engraved on wood-have not lasted until now.
The Legend of the Past - The Mays Empire Land

By Zuzanna
© 2007 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)

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