Tuesday, May 26, 2009



Pyramids evolved over years
The first of them was not
A perfectly formed, in fact
The first Pyramid that was built
In Egypt was not a true Pyramid
the smooth sides and a point;
At the top rather,
Its sides were stepped,
And the top
Of the Pyramid truncated
With a flat surface - As the Egyptian
Pyramids evolved, there were failures
Until finally,
They got it right
What was probably the first?
Smooth sided true Pyramid built
In fact, Pyramids continued to evolve
Throughout the history.
Not always in the outward
Appearance But in the way
that they were built and in the theology
Surrounding the construction,
Toward the latter part
of Egypt's Pyramid Age.
However, soon after the first
Pyramids were built, their form became
Standardized-Royal Pyramid complexes
Included the main one, a courtyard
Surroundings much smaller
Cult Pyramid For the King's soul,
a mortuary temple A wall
And a causeway
That led down to a valley temple.
Some Pyramids complex
include subsidiary smaller Pyramids
those were surrounded by some Tombs,
For the Royal family members-
But the Mystery remains
Theories related to aliens or
Some lost culture being responsible
For Pyramid building, even in some
Of the best well known Pyramids.
The most famous of them
Has been the Great Pyramid of Khufu,
Continues, year after year, to give out
A few more secrets and doubtless,
that there maybe more Pyramids yet
to discover…

"Mystery Evolving Egyptian Pyramids Continue"

By Zuzanna Musial

© 2007 Zuzanna Musial

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