Saturday, May 30, 2009



The tree has been
always associated
with life.
Life and regeneration
of all times.

To primitive man
The tree was the main aspect
Of many sources.
Shelter to Food
Heat from the fire,
And clothing from the bark.
The tree been used
To make tools.

It served as Weapons!
A little wonder that
The tree evolved so much
The Pagan believes
Were that tree
Was the Incarnation.
Kings, Queens, Emissaries
And Priests
The branches of sacred trees,
Which became a symbol that
The barrier was an emissary
of Gods himself.

The symbolism of that
Was most common In Europe.
People practiced
Special tribute to the trees.
In the lore and Mythology,
Trees became very special indeed.
Trees are the Symbols of Life.

Can you tell me why we love Trees?

By Zuzanna
© 2007 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)

The Memory Of Trees



Many towns in Egypt with tombs
Where Osiris was put to rest
Had groves of planted willows,
There were terraces with myrrh trees.

Surrounding the Temple's sanctuaries
Gardens created by Paradise of Amon
An earthly palace of the Sun God
The legendary homeland of other Gods!

A special expedition to Punt;
As the legend proclaimed
Was the southern end of the Red Sea.
Hatshepsut’s architect and councilor,
Senmut, get the myrrh trees.

In the gardens trees stood!
There is evidence...
In the archaeological records
Tree worshiping in prehistoric world,
Though the existence of Totems
Carved from wood that may have held.

A sacred significance by the Pole
topped with a bird's body.
In the early Historical period,
There is considerable evidence,
That in the Ancient Egyptian world
Several types of Sacred Trees appeared.
Those were always associated
with the life on Earth.

By Zuzanna
© 2007 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)



I have been always interested
In the world oldest cultures,
one of them - The Mayas Empire.
Origins of the oldest Mayan tribes
Had been lost in darkness of Legends.

The XVI century Indian manuscripts
Have lost all historical remembrance
The primitive Mayan geographic localization,
Located in Yucatan Peninsula,
The information refers that Mayas
In Yucatan, and they called New Empire
The Mayas, who lived in the south of Chiapas?
Guatemala and Honduras,
whose civilization extinguished-

Some centuries before
the peninsular cities The Mayas lived
on the Atlantic shore of Mexico,
An old Mayan the Huasteco
Was left On the extreme
North of Mexico, so called
The Veracruz-Tamaulipas kidney.

The people have had displaced some groups
Mayans in the beginning of their historical times
They lived in a Palenque triangle in Chiapas;
Uaxactun, Guatemala, Copan in Honduras
Thus being difficult to access to jungle
and the rivers to be crossed...
Outside the monuments Mayas have left
First historical, none mythical dates, we known
The Baktun Octavo, being very numerous on ninth
To decay and almost sculpturally disappeared on
Baktun once the Mayan and Christian calendars
Had been correlated, numerous dates inscribed
On wakes, lintels, steps, temples haven deciphered.
by the III Century-The Mayas
living in Veracruz
Tabasco begun to move in direction of Petén,
The Mayan Archaeological city oldest engraved date
Uaxactun, on the Guatemalan Petén,
With the 9th wake dated of the year 328,
Those nearby Pyramids, perhaps Palenque,
Copan or Tikal had much older dates,
But were probably worked on stucco, painted
Or engraved on wood-have not lasted until now.
The Legend of the Past - The Mays Empire Land

By Zuzanna
© 2007 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)




Who she is - someone asked
That pretty woman
In black?
Her dark nostalgic eyes
She is like a Desert Rose
She is wise and gentle
Her beauty - like a princess
Pretty woman
Her style - a mystery
Undiscovered truth!
Tell me please - sweet young woman
What is your heart desire.
Would you like to be in a castle?
or stay by the Pyramids' and Nile.
Beautiful Lady in Black

Desert Rose - Was Her Name
I Love You - Will You Be Mine?

By Zuzanna
© 2007 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)



The youngest
Egyptian Pharaoh
No doubt-
The famous one,
Boy Emperor
His tomb was found,
Not touched by anyone.
He was the most powerful one
At his early age-
A son of Amenhooptep the King
His residence in Memphis
Now Cairo-
He was young when the war broke down
The young Emperor suddenly died.
They buried him in the Valley of the Tombs
Some say near Luxor
His tomb was not found for a long time
People believed...
The place of his rest was a sacred one.
These were the story
Of Tutankhamen Pharaoh
The youngest of all rulers
of the Egyptian land.
Fascinating history that still inspires
and draws many tourists
to this Ancient Land.

By Zuzanna
© 2007 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009




Cleopatra was special
Her time of reign...
She was witty and wise
Brilliant and devoted
To her country
The country of Egypt.

During an ancient time
Ruled the land...
the Pyramids
Were landmarks?
Great mathematician,
Good business acumen
A warrior woman...

Those ancient times-Woman
Was rare being smart?
Brilliant personality, Astonishing
The Pharaoh Woman-
And the last Monarch,
of the Egyptian land.

By Zuzanna
© 2007 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)



Sacred Places for those
who died and put to rest
in tombs. The Pyramids
an amazing structure,
Like a maze,
one can easily get lost.
The structure was
built in a special side
with a directions
that faced the Raising Sun.
The people believed
that the King
could enjoy life
after he died,
journeying across the sky
and looking from above
what was happening in his land.
Egyptians believed
that after death
they will rebirth.
There were mysteries to solve.
The Pyramids remain in great shape.
It is not clear...That they were
not simply monumental tombs
for the eyes of Egyptian King's
they were Fundamental resurrection machines.

~ Memory from visiting Egypt ~

By Zuzanna
© 2007 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)




Pyramids evolved over years
The first of them was not
A perfectly formed, in fact
The first Pyramid that was built
In Egypt was not a true Pyramid
the smooth sides and a point;
At the top rather,
Its sides were stepped,
And the top
Of the Pyramid truncated
With a flat surface - As the Egyptian
Pyramids evolved, there were failures
Until finally,
They got it right
What was probably the first?
Smooth sided true Pyramid built
In fact, Pyramids continued to evolve
Throughout the history.
Not always in the outward
Appearance But in the way
that they were built and in the theology
Surrounding the construction,
Toward the latter part
of Egypt's Pyramid Age.
However, soon after the first
Pyramids were built, their form became
Standardized-Royal Pyramid complexes
Included the main one, a courtyard
Surroundings much smaller
Cult Pyramid For the King's soul,
a mortuary temple A wall
And a causeway
That led down to a valley temple.
Some Pyramids complex
include subsidiary smaller Pyramids
those were surrounded by some Tombs,
For the Royal family members-
But the Mystery remains
Theories related to aliens or
Some lost culture being responsible
For Pyramid building, even in some
Of the best well known Pyramids.
The most famous of them
Has been the Great Pyramid of Khufu,
Continues, year after year, to give out
A few more secrets and doubtless,
that there maybe more Pyramids yet
to discover…

"Mystery Evolving Egyptian Pyramids Continue"

By Zuzanna Musial

© 2007 Zuzanna Musial



Walking along the temples
Carved in a solid rocks
On the West bank of the Nile.
Long after the Ramses
Build the temples
For the Sun of God.

The sacred land,
that still holds the mystery
of many Cultures.
The solid walls
Made out of brick
When Ramses was there.

He looked often
at the beautiful river
and prayed to God
in adoration.
History says-the Gods
were adored by all
The Pharaohs of this land.

Ramses was one
of well-known rulers
in that Ancient time.
He wanted to please
His God special to him.
...God, of the raising Sun.

He worshiped him
with adoration.
And people believed
That God will defeat
the darkness of the night
worshiping the raising Sun.
Interesting History
of Ancient Egyptian Land.

By Zuzanna Musial

© 2007 Zuzanna Musial



Queen Nefertiti

The most beautiful woman
Queen Nefertiti was her name
her lips were bold red
her graceful elongated neck
Balanced The tall
Flat top crown on
her sleek head
the vibrant colors
of the necklace she wore
have applied the contrast
on her skin tone!
She was a perfect woman~
and beauty from beyond.
The most beautiful ever
Woman on the earth,
we will never know the truth.
Of her specifics~
The Most Beautiful Woman
in the World" that ever lived!

By susannah53 aka Zuzanna Musial


Colour Psychology

Many people think that colour is
a matter how things look.
and it is often dismissed
As being purely cosmetic,
However, the truth is that colour is light.

Source of life itself; there is nowhere
That colour does not exist and our instinctive,
Unconscious response to it is a vital element
In every day survival it is Nature's
own powerful signaling system.

Scientifically, it is the first thing
we register when assessing anything
a very simple, obvious example
is our reaction to a fly.

In our home if it is black, we will find it
Minor irritation, But if it has yellow stripes,
Our reaction will be different Most of us will recoil
The same instinct tells us when food is unsafe
To eat; Colours play special role every day.

By susannah53 aka Zuzanna Musial

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Galaxyland in West Edmonton Mall



He was far away,
Thinking of her every day,
They share correspondence,
looking forward those happy days.

Looking at each other
Holding hands being there
Was his wish every day?
He wanted to tell her,
How much she means to him.

Each day,
Bringing them closer
As they planned life together,
Their golden years,
have been already embraced.

The desire to have someone to love
Grows stronger with each day,
Autumn days held and cherished
With the promises to be with each other
For the rest of their days.

-By Susannah53
aka Zuzanna Musial

"To love is to give all with out of asking of anything in return"



~For You My Friend~

We never met face to face
But I feel your presence in the air
It is amazing one my say
How that is possible-
if you never met?

Is it a mind?
and spirit connection?
or something else?
I have read a story
how people connect
thinking of a friend~

Perhaps this is all
I am searching for...
Maybe we share common things?
One will never know...

Life is a mystery–
I often wish to meet
with my friends...
Those I met on the Internet!

How wonderful will be
to sit have a cup of tea or coffee
and a little chat
Enjoying each other company
Thrill of a life time~
Thank you for being my Internet friend~

November 10-2007
By Zuzanna

© 2007 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)

Alberta, Canadian Rockies



Oh, how I miss the summer days
the warmth that touches my skin
the butterflies, the bird's, flowers at blooms
sudden season change
days shorter with the sun sooner going down
no hotter day's-autumn is here now

Trees are gold, yellow, and red in colours
beautiful leaves that falling down
the most wonderful season of autumn
with pleasure to stroll in the park
soon after that, frosty winter arrives

Dressed in white with lots of snow
And snowflakes falling down
like a little stars dancing around
when the northern wind blows strong
icicles, slippery roads, but children
enjoy the winter time
Playing with snow, skiing is fun
Nature oh, beautiful Nature
What a sense of adventure
few months and another change
till next season ventures

Looking again toward the spring
days will be longer as four seasons begins
the hands of time constantly moving
in circular motion, amazing discovery found
the Mother Earth makes constant rounds
Copernicus, the astronomer had proofed the fact
That Earth rotation around the sun
bringing different seasons intact

By Zuzanna

© 2008 Zuzanna (All rights reserved)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009



Taking pictures of Nature
it has been always fun
especially when going to
the Rocky Mountains side

The Mountains in Canada
Are very beautiful
And the Wild Life
Roam in the forest too...

Moose or bears, squirrels
And birds are unusual
From what I could observe
And watch them with binoculars

These spectacular views
Are so wonderful for the soul
And eyes, it gives the feeling
Of enjoyment and stress free fun

By Zuzanna Musial

© 2009 Zuzanna Musial

Maligne Lake/Jasper National Park, AB. by VRIDETV



She was beautiful and happy girl
Always willing to help, she smiled
At me when was passing by the bench,
She often loved to sit.

That one day, closer to the evening
I went to my favourite stroll
She was nowhere to find
It made me wonder what was going on.

I missed her dearly from my view
I missed her smile too,
My lovely friend, a smiling girl
That loved to sit under the huge tree.

By Zuzanna Musial

©2009 Zuzanna Musial



On this Valentine’s Day
Father Frost painted windows
With shapes, one of them
Was a little heart so divine?

Looking at the miracle
A tear misted my eye
As my thoughts run to those
Who like me…Was thinking?

Thinking of you and others
That early morning
Setting my coffee maker
To have a fresh cup of coffee

To enjoy my morning time
With a cup of Colombian delight
Waiting for the spring
Soon to be here with us~

By Zuzanna Musial

© 2009 Zuzanna Musial

To My Wonderful Friend


A friend is a treasure,
Very hard to find
True Friendship shall be
cherished for life
as you all know
that it is not easy
to find good friends
in the river of life.
So be merry knowing
that I am your friend
the distance we share
it is only one stop away.
Friendship is a treasure
Very hard to find
If you do find a good friend
Hold to them with both hands
and arms ...I cherish you
My darling Blues.
Forever friendship on line
Perhaps one day
you come to visit me
nothing stands on the way
if you make your mind.
Come to visit the girl
From Megafriends site.
A girl from the Internet
Smile at me and I smile
at you... Because you are
Beautiful and caring girlfriend too!

April 25 - 2009

By Zuzanna Musial

BANFF, Alberta, Western Canada 15 pictures



You are dear
and wonderful friend
thank you for
the lovely comments
you have sent my way
wishing you happiness
and love every day
also a good health
that goes a long way
peace and serenity
around you my friend
and whatever you wish
sunshine and more
for each day to come
many blessings from above
for the wonderful heart
that you share with us!

By ZuzannaMusial


The Power of Words

Words, words, words
So many to choose from
Makes you wonder how
The imaginations flow.

Philosophy, Language, History,
Geography, Empires and more
Ancient Mayas, Romans, Greek,
Egyptians, just mention a few.

The books I cherish a lot
A price possession for all
Over the ages till now...
Those to empower our minds!

May 10 - 2009
By Zuzanna Musial

For You and Me


For you and me music is joy
Love for life expressed in tone
The music is peace, love and life,
Escape from a noise of the town

Some people born with the rhythm
Some to strife to learn the beat
Taking lessons acquiring the craft,
A sound that speaks to sensitive heart

Music is joy and a great sound,
Music is beauty found in the heart
Music on time, a tune of a ground
Music is love and beauty around.

May 10 - 2009
By Zuzanna Musial

© 2009 Zuzanna Musial

Edmonton Tourism

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